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Metal Recording, EQ and mastering tips for Home Recording??

2012-08-21 10:06:02 by adilovemetal

I just got into home recording and stuff, so I just need expert advice on mixing, EQ, re mastering and stuff like that...
Any tips/Suggestions?
My gear- Schecter Damien 6 FR (EMG Pickups)
Zoom G3 (Recording Interface/Guitar Multi Effects)
EZ Drummer/Drumkit From Hell
FL Studio
AmpliTube 3
I know it's all very cheap, but I just can't wait to buy my Superior Drummer 2.0 and POD Farm :D
I am very new to all this, so please don't mind if I behave like a noob :) Thanks
My Soundcloud- Please check out some of my sounds :)
My Youtube-


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2012-09-19 00:24:36

You are from India? Nice. My Indian friends prefer hip-hop rather than metal. You are not a noob. In fact everyone can be considered as noobs.

Keep up good music.

(Updated ) adilovemetal responds:

Hey! Thanks alot ;)
I have been a metal guy since I was in second grade..